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Video Production

Video Production

High Denition Video Production & Editing Services

Lights, camera, action! 3rd Planet has a full in-house video production studio and can also provide on location camera shoots, preproduction planning, scene scripting, and story boarding. 3rd Planet also has a state-of-the-art studio editing suite and a team of designers and voice over talents for creating additional content and animation that is certain to bring your video to life.

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High Quality Video Production Solutions

3rd Planet offers video production services for marketing your business which can be optimized for DVD, web formatting and mobile devices. We offer a variety of professional video services with a free consultation process. At 3rd planet we can assist in pre production planning, scripting, story boarding as well as editing and designing creative content. We can edit and export files in any required format and offer additional video streaming services.

Pre-production Planning

Visualize your video before full scale production begins. At 3rd Planet our team of skilled professionals offers Pre-production planning in order to avoid technical and creative roadblocks. Proper planning of story boarding and script writing ensures a professional and well explained video for your business. Whether you intend for your video to be promotional, educational, corporate or a webisode, 3rd Planet has the tools and ingenuity to create and finalize preparations for a seamless experience.


Lights, camera, action! Once your project is planned and scripted you are ready to shoot content. It is important when filming to not only have high quality cameras for the shoot but to also have the proper lighting techniques to ensure a clear and visually impressive video. In addition to the proper lighting, proper audio equipment and procedures must be followed to the broadcast standard and must be monitored at all times during the shoot. We offer complete audio engineering and producing packages so that your video meets today’s industry standard.

Post Production

Upon completion of your initial film shooting it will require editing to transform rough cuts into a final masterpiece. This process is one area which 3rd planet specializes in. Our editors have several awards in the film industry for outstanding video production and over 10 years of experience editing and directing film. In addition to simple editing tricks 3rd planet utilizes creative design techniques such as inset screen views for products and multiple angles in one shot, custom designed images with overdubs to enhance the viewer’s visual experience or something as small and effective as adding your companies logo to a video for validation. From a simple production to a more advanced green screen editing, 3rd planet is committed to delivering exceptionally edited content for any media format.

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