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Internet Marketing (SEO)

Internet Marketing (SEO)

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In order to obtain the highest search engine ranking for your website it is important to have an aggressive internet marketing strategy that focuses on both onsite as well as an inbound marketing initiatives. Our services include: Analysis, Research, Diagnostics & Reporting, Search Engine Optimization, Google Optimizations, Technical Content Copywriting, Link Building, Social Network Marketing, Pay Per Click, Web Advertising, and Email Marketing

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How Does Search Engine Optimization Apply To My Business?

A well represented business has a greater chance of listing higher in search results. To gain the most prestige and traffic through search engines it is a two part strategy. You must understand the two main focus areas of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). On site optimizations and off site optimizations. Based upon results from our initial baseline report we will diagnose areas upon which we can address for your business.

On Site Search Engine Optimization

On Site Optimizations are important because this is referring to the SEO data resolving through your infrastructure and architecture on the back end of your website. The way we prefer to operate and control this data is through C.M.S. Our prefered C.M.S. is WordPress. 3rd Planet specializes in creating content specific SEO data which will display in search engine listings. Our process is customized for our clients needs. A general outline for our approach to improve upon your On Site Search Engine Optimization would include:

  • Verifying All Web Pages Have Custom Non Duplicating Titles &¬†Descriptions. If no data exists we can write content specific data.
  • Ensuring Proper Usage Of Keyword Clusters. For best results you want to make sure you select the proper keywords contained with the best combination of the following possibilities: meta description, title, URL of the page, displayed in headers, percentage of how often the word appears in the content of the page and how often the keyword is searched for.
  • Perform Speed Testing & On Site Speed Optimizations. A lightning fast website is more engaging to users and has a better chance of becoming popular.
  • Responsive Web Design. Today websites no longer require mobile specific websites. Through responsive CSS techniques websites can be customized to display responsively across all mobile devices. Today more users use mobile devices to browse the internet than Desktop & Laptops. Search engines reward websites that are built responsively with higher results in searches.

Off Site Search Engine Optimization

Off Site Optimizations are just as important as On Site Optimizations. This is the other half of your general Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy which is often overlooked by many businesses. There are many authoritative sources of information on the web such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The information listed on these sites will also display when a user searches. A search engine will use a combination of both sets of information to calculate results. At 3rd Planet our strategy involves the following processes:

  • Google Optimizations. Making sure your google account is configured properly across the board relating to all Google Services.
  • ¬†Social Network Optimizations & Management. Make sure all your profiles are 100 percent completed with images and engaging content displaying. Develop strategies to incorporate social activity within your companies marketing strategy. Perform reputation management audits and modifications on a case by case basis. Communicate with followers to generate leads for your business.
  • Business Listing Management. There are many site which are directories for businesses. It is useful to gain authoritative linkage through these sites. This can be a great help to generate more traffic to your site and show more results in the first page of search results.
  • Authoritative Link Building. Building quality links to your website to direct traffic and incoming leads is critical to develop new leads.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising. Once your information is displaying to its maximum capacity this is a great opportunity to gain more possible leads through PPC Advertising.
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3rd Planet is a professional end-to-end solutions provider for web design and creative design, video & audio production and editing, photography, IT services & computer repair, web hosting, and internet marketing (SEO).

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