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Audio Production

Audio Production

Professional Audio Recording & Engineering Services

At 3rd Planet, we offer high fidelity recording and sound engineering services to encompass all aspects of audio production. We can create custom jingles for TV and radio advertisements, record artists and ensembles, voice talents, multi-track recording, editing and mastering. Our seasoned engineers will provide professional solutions for your audio production needs.

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Professional Audio Engineering Services

At 3rd Planet we offer High Fidelity Sound Engineering services encompassing all aspects of audio production for your business’s needs. 3rd Planet’s audio producers have two decades of experience in producing sound recordings. 3rd Planet can supply royalty free material and create custom jingles to help promote your business advertisements. From the recording stage, vocal overdubs to a final mixdown, 3rd planet’s engineers provide excellent solutions for your company’s Audio production needs.

Audio Producing

High quality, clear and professional sound is required for your business advertisements and videos to be taken seriously. In order to achieve the best results it is best to work with an audio producer. 3rd Planet’s professional audio producers work directly with our clients to create all necessary preparations for your recording needs. During the recording stage our producers ensure the proper input and output levels of all devices and microphones are consistent with the recording industry standards. Proper production prevents poor product.

Audio Mixing and Mastering Service

Once your initial material has been recorded the next step is to combine all recorded tracks and make any necessary post-production modifications using audio engineering software. This process is necessary to remove any unwanted noise and add special effects to your recording such as reverb and dynamic range compression for vocals. At 3rd Planet our mixing/mastering engineers use today’s industry standard equipment and digital software to achieve the best results for your audio recordings. Upon completion of your project you will receive a final mix down which can be converted into any required media format. Whether you need audio edited for a video commercial, sound clips for your website or radio podcast, 3rd planet delivers pristine sounding audio for your business.

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