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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started?

The best way to get started with inquiring about our services is to get in contact with us. We offer free initial consultation and cost estimation. Please visit our contact page or contact us by phone at 1-800-620-1550 during our normal business hours.

Do You Provide An Initial Free Consultation?

Yes, 3rd Planet provides Free initial correspondence by phone,  GoToMeeting or email. In some instances this can be an in depth discussion encompassing multiple types of services we provide. There is no cost or obligation for the initial consultation or to provide a statement of work.

Defining The Scope Of Work

In order for 3rd Planet to determine the best plan for servicing your needs, we must have a general understanding of your company’s project goals and desired end results. 3rd Planet provides a variety of service options and solutions for businesses of any size. Whether you are a large corporation or a start up company we have the skills and knowledge to easily determine the best resolution.

Understanding Project Goals

Once we understand your company’s goals, we start to formulate a plan to address your service needs. Understanding these goals is crucial to the developer/customer relations. We believe it is important to be able to communicate effectively with our clients from start to finish in order to to meet or exceed expectations.

Working Within Your Project Budget

When considering starting a new project, a budget is a necessity. At 3rd Planet we offer competitive rates for all services we provide. Whether your project is simple or more complex we are able to offer solutions for an affordable price that sits within your budget.

Incorporating Required Resources

As we are developing business relations and building your quote it is important for us to determine which resources must be made available for your project. Whether you are a small business that needs a page built for marketing, a store owner requiring E-Commerce or a realtor/broker that needs a website built using integrated multiple listing services these situations will require different resources to be applied to your project. Also, in many instances for media production and web development it is important to gather all your resources for the project together from the beginning in order to outline and administer a seamless process flow. Having great organization of assets currently held and outlining resources that are needed can drastically help speed up the process of completing your project on time and within budget.

Establishing A Project Timeline

Once the details of your web project have been established, we feel that it is important to discuss with our customers a desired timeline structured around your company’s needs. We make our best effort to accommodate expectations and establish milestones for each project. By establishing timetables that allows us to ensure that from the beginning we are managing our projects efficiently and proactively.

Providing A Project Estimate

The final stage of the consultation process is providing project estimates for costs and payment breakdown for services rendered. At 3rd Planet we require a 50% deposit in order for us to begin directing company resources to start working on your project. This price quote will include all time spent developing, any additional 3rd party software, any purchase of royalty free images or stock video/photography/typography or software plugins that must be purchased and required for completion. In addition to the deposit all contracts must be signed and received. Once we have received all signed paperwork and the deposit arrangements for a start date would then be established.

What Types Of Services Do You Offer?

3rd Planet offers a wide array of professional services relating to Web Development, Web Design, Hosting and internet marketing as well as Media Production services such as Videography, Audio & Video Editing, Animation and Photography. For a complete list of our services please refer to our services tab on the main menu of our website or contact us for inquiries.

Business Branding & Identity Development

A professionally designed company logo that is easily identifiable is a must have for any business, whether you are a start up or are looking for a new logo for your established company. At 3rd Planet we design independent resolution vector graphics that can can be used in any media format. We have a proven effective strategy to create unique and visually impressive logos. First we have an initial consultation process where we identify brands that our client likes and ones that are similar in our clients respective industry. Using these designs we create several creative concepts until a final concept is decided by our clients.

Website And Collateral Design Aesthetics

A great resource for our designers is royalty free vector art. There are several sources we use to purchase great quality stock royalty free vector art images. These images are excellent resources to easily create graphics and also for logos. Using these images can help save time in development and also can be great references to create completely new collateral which can be used for your site and print materials.

Color Pallet Selections And Variations

When creating the initial design for your logo, our designers will require input from our clients to select appropriate colors from color palettes of their choice. Using these colors and elements we will create several variations for you to choose from in order to establish a unified brand.


An important part of your company’s marketing is the type of typography used to display text on your web site, graphics and printed materials. Our designers work directly with our customers to select typography that has continuity for their types of businesses. There are thousands of different variations which can be chosen and that are compatible with all contemporary web browsers. It is important to decide if your company wants to use a simple and easy to read text or a more artistic style for a more creative flow to the typography. Another important element of typography is selecting the appropriate color palettes that work well with your company’s logo and design elements. Having great typography can make a huge impact on your existing site or a fresh design.

Designing A Website From Scratch

If you are an established business or a start up company looking for a fully customizable and easily modified web page, there are many things which must be considered. Having a solid plan or rough outline of what your looking for a developer to create is key to achieving the best results. Defining your needs from the beginning is critical. Our developers will determine the best applicable solutions to design a web site that can stand the test of time. Our approach to our designs are to create custom websites which can easily be modified in the event of future redesigns.

Redeveloping A Static Site To A More Manageable Wordpress Environment

If your company is looking to redevelop your existing site into a Wordpress environment, this process is what our developers do best. The most practical way to accomplish this is for our system engineers to evaluate your existing system configuration to determine the best practices to accomplish a migration plan. Upon evaluation of existing content we would then setup a completely new hosting environment which would be tested extensively on a development sub domain before migrating the code to a production site. This ensures a loss-less transition. Your current web site would continue as is until your new website is ready to go live and has been approved to be posted.

Redesigning Wordpress Website To Be Responsive For Mobile Devices

In modern times people are now more than ever using mobile devices and tablets to browse the internet. As of 2012 as many as five times more people are using mobile devices to browse the internet as compared to previous years. With this in mind it is becoming increasingly critical to have a web site that is properly configured to accommodate full functionality on these devices. This type of design is considered responsive web design.

At 3rd Planet we stress the importance of keeping up with the times. Every new website build we create from scratch is currently constructed to be fully responsive across the board for all web browsing devices while preserving full accessibility for desktop and laptop users. Today it is no longer necessary to build separate mobile sites to accommodate different devices. This means that potential site visitors will no longer need to magnify their screen to be able to easily read text, no more form data that is unable to call to action or processes that are unable to complete and no more annoying mistaken clicks taking customers away from where they want to be on a page.

For your business the value of building or redesigning your existing site to be responsive is: no more time consuming app development to accommodate new devices, no secondary website to maintain and build content for, no worries that your content won’t display well on the latest popular gadget and no need to rely on expensive, poorly designed and volatile software plugins that may create conflicts or slow down your web page. It pays to be responsive and is even more important to keep up with the times.

Extending Functionality To Your Wordpress Website

Already have a website created in a Wordpress environment? Are you looking to add a new function to your web page? 3rd Planet is your one stop custom shop for application development and creating custom interfaces for your company to upload new content without requiring any knowledge of coding. This is a specialty of 3rd Planet. If you have an idea for a new function you would like to add to your site and your a new or existing customer, contact us today for a free consultation.

What Is An Advanced Content Management System (CMS)?

A Content Management System or (CMS) is a valuable tool to publish, modify, or delete wep pages. At 3rd Planet we use the world renown industry standard CMS system known as Wordpress. There are many advantages of using Wordpress CMS. For our team at 3rd Planet Wordpress is our CMS of choice. Our developers are very experienced with development in Wordpress and are able to create custom applications for both front end and back ends of web pages.

Secure Ecommerce Solutions

A secure payment processing system is an indispensable element to a successful E-Commerce based business. Accepting credit and debit cards is the most popular form of payment for online retailers. This is a simple process for users and would encourage customers to do business with your company. There are other options for payments such as Paypal which can also be incorporated into your payment processing system. When processing forms of payment security is the most important factor. You would never want financial information to become compromised or you risk severe repercussions for your business and for your customers. At 3rd Planet we create Custom E-Commerce Solutions that go above and beyond for your business to safely handle all transactions, thus ensuring a reliable system for your customers.

Sensitive information has to be protected through at least three transactions:

  • Credit card details supplied by the customer, either to the merchant or payment gateway. Handled by the server’s SSL and the merchant/server’s digital certificates.
  • Credit card details passed to the bank for processing. Handled by the complex security measures of the payment gateway.
  • Order and customer details supplied to the merchant, either directly or from the payment gateway/credit card processing company. Handled by SSL, server security, digital certificates (and payment gateway sometimes).
IDX Feeds For Multiple Listing Services (MLS)

As a Real Estate Agent, Broker, or Firm, the internet has become a vital component of business. Being able to display MLS feeds (Multiple Listing Services) on your company’s web site is important to allow users to search properties right from your website. This is a must have today to keep users engaged in your site which will ultimately generate leads for your real estate business. There are many advanced settings which you can enable for users on your site.

Advanced Form Development

In addition to basic form development we at 3rd Planet can create more advanced forms. In many instances your business may require specific field entries and responses. We are able to completely customize our forms to meet any of your requirements. Contact us today for a free consultation for advanced form development.

Custom Application Development & Plugins

Custom application development in Wordpress is a great way to build web applications.
We specialize in creating Wordpress applications for both front end and the back end of websites. In addition we are also able to expand upon plugins to add new functionality to them. If you have an idea that could enhance your existing worpress website or application, the chances are that 3rd Planet will be able to develop your ideas into reality. For project consulting and estimations please contact us.

Transitioning Your Website To A New Host Provider

If you are considering a new hosting provider for your existing website, this is a service we can provide at 3rd Planet. In addition to designing new or existing web pages we can also provide new hosting packages. We offer several different managed hosting packages. Our process is simple. We prefer to make a seamless transition for our hosting clients. The best way to achieve this is to continue your existing hosting package until your new hosting environment is setup correctly. Often times hosting providers may terminate your site if they become aware of this too soon. It is always good to setup a new host and have 2 hosts (old and new). We would then backup your entire site and databases before we begin the migration to ensure no loss of data. Once you have the new host (and Backed up) it is an easy process for us at 3rd Planet to migrate to the new host. Once we upload a copy of your old site to the new site we would then setup your domain names new DNS settings through the provider which you purchased your domain name from. Once this process has been completed it will take up to  48 hours to complete.

Managed Web Hosting Services And Wordpress Software

At 3rd Planet we offer hosting through our dedicated virtual servers. There are several hosting plans available. Our servers are reliable, fast, secure and offer many additional features.In addition to the basic plan we also offer backup and Wordpress update services, malware scanning, data restoration and website monitoring services at an additional rate. *Cloud Flare services are available to through additional DNS management services. To learn more about our plans please visit our Web Hosting Page.

Backup & Recovery Services

Our backup and recovery services offer up to 30 consecutive rotating daily backups on our remote server repository and 7 consecutive rotating daily backups on local server repository. By having this functionality it is easy for us to be able to restore a web page from a backup. There are many instances when it may be necessary to restore a site from a backup. Sometimes software and plugin updates can create conflicts. Other times websites can become infected with malware or are subject to brute force hackers. Having the peace of mind that your business would be protected from loss of data through a reliable and secure backup system is a necessity in today’s day in age.

Performance Enhancements & Speed Optimizations

The importance of a fast loading and reliably functioning web page is exponential. Today’s web browsers demand a fast responding experience on all browsing devices. Decreasing your page loading times and increasing server resources will improve your overall user experience. Wordpress plugins are a great way to improve functionality. However as plugins begin to stack up they can slow down a web page. By identifying plugins that are not necessary or installing new plugins that require less resources there can be performance gains.

Malware Scanning And Removal

One of the great services offered by 3rd Planet for clients who use our hosting services is malware scanning and removal. This is an important part of our managed web hosting services. At 3rd Planet we prefer to address malware attacks as soon as they may occur. In addition to identifying and removing malware we also address SPAM injections, website errors, disabled sites, database connection issues and code anomalies that require special attention. There are a number of blacklisting authorities that monitor for malware, SPAM, and phishing attempts. Our blacklist removal services leverages the APIs for these authorities to check your website blacklisting status:

  • Sucuri
  • Google Safe Browsing
  • Norton
  • AVG
  • Phish Tank (Phishing Specifically)
  • ESET
  • McAfee SiteAdvisor
  • Yandex
Security Updates And Monitoring

Security updates are a vital part of operating a website. Neglecting Wordpress updates can lead to a variety of problems including slower page loads, software conflicts and security vulnerabilities. By becoming a client of 3rd Planet managed hosting solutions we will test, update and verify compatibility of the updates. By regularly updating all of our customers security and plugin updates we are committed to prevent possible security breaches and address any kind of malfunction. In addition to the updates we monitor all of our clients domains stability and receive notifications of any failure or website downtime. We address these types of unpredictable events and perform server reboots as soon as possible.

Hosted Email Solutions

In addition to all of your companies web development,web design and hosting services 3rd Planet offers hosted email solutions to our valued clients. Having a professional email account for your business and employees can be the icing on the cake to represent your company professionally and communicate with your employees, affiliates and customers in an effective manner. We setup 25 GB mailboxes that can attach files up to 50 MB through secure encryption. Also included with our email account services we back up all email accounts up to 14 consecutive days. All incoming mail is subject to 3 separate virus scans to prevent any email borne threats from infecting your system. Also all of our email accounts can be setup for full functionality on mobile devices and smartphones. There are many other more advanced  features which we can setup for your companies email service.

Video Production & Editing

Whether your company wants to develop, edit or format any type of video production, 3rd Planet offers a solution. We have extensive knowledge of how to create and format videos to be displayed in high quality on web pages. There are a variety of instances which your company may require streaming media. This is yet another service area our developers have experience in dealing with.

Audio Production & Editing

3rd Planet offers additional media production services for all types of audio projects. Whether your looking to record new audio or edit existing audio, these are services we offer to our valued clients. In addition to recording and editing we can also master audio for media distribution and can optimize files to be displayed properly on the web.

Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website is only as good as it is marketed. At 3rd Planet not only are we your complete development provider, but we are also your go to source for marketing your web page through the web. We offer search engine optimization solutions to drive in more visitors to your sites from internet search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and many more. By having all of your websites pages properly optimized to display in search results you can increase your overall search-ability. At 3rd Planet our solution to search engine optimization (SEO) is to create custom page specific metadata which communicates with search engines and displays that information onto the search results. We can write this content and help you write your own content strategies. This is important to have the correct information showing up about your companies products, services and resources otherwise any misinformation may lead to loss of potential business.

Marketing Consultation

Understanding our customers demographics and needs is a critical part of how we develop our marketing consultation strategies. We provide free initial consultation to collect information about your companies needs and goals to help you to successfully grow your business. There are many ways to approach your companies marketing and that’s why we ask appropriate questions to provide a complete solution.

Content Development And Creative Visual Design

Any information, layout, images or media displayed on your web page is the physical content of your web page. This is in itself a form of marketing your business and a core part of your marketing strategy in todays business environment. If you have a business and require new content to be created or for us to modify existing content this is a service we provide at 3rd Planet.

Google Analytics Tracking

Having the ability to track your web pages analytics will create an understanding of how visitors are being directed to your site, how much time spent on the different pages and many other important data relevant to your marketing strategy. Being able to track your progress and identify which marketing strategies are working and those strategies which are not will guide you into the best practices to maximize these results or nullify issues which may be conflicting progress. This operation is known as web analytics which allows marketers to collect information about site visitors known as sessionalization. Those interactions provide the web analytics information systems with the information to track the referrer, search keywords, IP address, and activities of the visitor. We use google analytics to collect and review this information. Google analytics is an easy system for us to incorporate into your Wordpress site and is a reliable source to review this data.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay per click (PPC), also known as cost per click, is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which advertisers pay the publisher when the ad is clicked. With search engines you would select relevant keywords that are directed towards your “tareget audience”. PPC advertisements also caled banner ads are shown on web sites or search engine results with related content that has agreed to show ads as well as when keyword queries match an advertisers targeted keyword list. These “ads” can be called sponsored links or sponsored ads and appear above or below search engine results pages or anywhere a developer chooses on a content site. At 3rd Planet we can create new PPC campaigns or optimize your existing PPC campaigns. There are various outlets for PPC such as Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook Exchange (FBX), Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and many more. It is a great idea to use not just one but several of these outlets to maximize your marketing yield.

Custom Email Design And Campaign Software Management

Custom email templates which can used for email marketing campaigns or “E-Blasts” are a great way to reach out to existing customers or potential customers stored in your companies database. These can be used to send ads, to enhance your customer relationships, to acquire new customers and to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business. This form of advertising is known as opt-in advertising or permission marketing. This form of advertising uses a “handshake protocol” between the sender and receiver. This means that the system is designed to yield a high rate of satisfaction between consumers and marketers. In the operation of opt-in email marketing the material that would be emailed would in essence be “anticipated” by consumers. Generally these users would want to receive these messages which makes it a completely different style of advertising than “unsolicited”. Users can have the ability to subscribe and unsubscribe easily to maintain satisfaction and compliance to the users request. For example a typical E-blast would contain information about upcoming events and promotions or new products. These type of “ads’ can have a much more personal approach than a typical advertisment. At 3rd Planet we can create custom email templates and manage your email campaign software to help you achieve the best results possible every time.

Conversion Goals

A conversion is a customers call to action that has a lot of value to your business. This can be when a customer makes a purchase, downloading an app, visiting a specific page on your website, filling out a contact form or even signing a contract. These instances are called conversions because they are click translated or converted into business. Conversions are the end goal of all online marketing, the part which makes your business money. By having solid conversion goals and strategies you can achieve the best return on investment for your business. This is not something that can be “set and forget” this is something you would want to be constantly monitoring and improving. By knowing which keywords and campaigns are bringing the best results you can identify what works and what does not work for your business. This can help you manage your overall campaign expenses and direct efforts to those which are working to improve upon the success. Measuring these results through tracking metrics will give you the most accurate information on which to asses and implement changes. At 3rd Planet we can not only just set up analytics data to track conversions but we can also help you to analyze this important data and modify your campaigns accordingly to best suit the needs of your business.

Project Approval Process

Upon establishing project requirements from an initial consultation and collecting all the necessary data to outline the specifics of your project a proposal will be offered to potential and or existing clients. In the event of a client’s acceptance of the supplied contract we require a copy of this document including the client’s signature and 3rd Planet’s signature before any work outlined will become an active work project. Once both parties have agreed and signed the document and 3rd Planet receives our initial deposit we will begin your project at our earliest convenience.

Providing The Initial Deposit

An initial down payment is required in the form of a 50% Deposit before any project can be started. At 3rd Planet we accept checks payable to 3rd Planet LLC and Credit cards (American Express, Visa, Mastercard) over a secure connection.

Establishing Project Milestones

Upon completion of  the approval process we begin planning reasonable milestones to review progress throughout the different stages of your project to ensure that the clients vision can be achieved. At 3rd Planet we prefer to involve our clients during the development, design and creative process. We believe in building strong business relations and maintaining these relationships.

Development Staging Process

At 3rd Planet we stage website development off-site from your live production site. You will be able to view the status of your website’s development progress on a predetermined subdomain of your existing production domain. First we install a basic installation of wordpress and upload any existing content. We then build a design to best suit your content and business model. Upon completion of your project we then migrate your development site into production.

Review And Collaboration Throughout The Stages Of Development With The Client

At 3rd Planet we review our progress at multiple points with our clients. Through the use of this important interaction we are able to supply our clients with the best work possible. We are not the type of company to build websites that are “cookie cutter websites” we strive to create a unique user friendly and client specific website each time we develop a new website. It is important to understand that once we begin working on your project our first milestone is not an accurate representation of a finished product. There are many refinements which we prefer to accomplish and outline through developer to client interaction. This way everything we develop is done properly the first time. To achieve the best results working with 3rd Planet we recommend providing us with as much information and details as possible at all times.

Final Payment Options

Once your project is nearing the final stretch of development we require any remaining balances to be settled before we will migrate your website from a development subdomain to your live website. Our final payments policy is identical to our initial deposit. We accept checks payable to 3rd Planet LLC and credit cards (American Express, Mastercard, Visa) through a secure connection.

Transitioning Development To Production

There will be either a remote or on-site training session that will take place between 3rd Planet & the Client that will provide training on all of the functional areas of the website. During the training session, each administrator will be assigned a user account. Upon final approval the website’s search engine indexing and tracking will be activated and the websites will be published to a location in production on either the client’s web hosting platform compatible for WordPress software applications or on 3rd Planet managed dedicated virtual web servers. All content, composite design templates and data is property of the Client and can be provided to the client via Dropbox upon the Client’s request.